I can understand why people might be upset that Four won’t be played by Jesse Williams or another American POC but he is of Greek and New Zealander descent. He is multiracial, as Four is in the book and Theo looks multiracial as well, he isn’t white passing, the first time I saw him I was interested to know where he was from. I can see why people would complain that he is too light skinned and that maybe we should have had someone play Four who was more overtly multiracial and I would have been happy with someone else too, I’m just really really glad that it isn’t Alex Pettyfer…I’m not saying this to be inflammatory and don’t want to make it sound like I think my opinion is the only one that matters but I like Theo, I wasn’t expecting him to be cast and I think it’s a pleasant surprise. 

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    True and I suppose that even if he was asked and it did turn out that he was of POC racial heritage from these countries...
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    Being Greek and New Zealander doesn’t make one multiracial, unless… your ancestors from those places are people of...